Security by Design

Threat Modeling

A threat assessment is a systematic method for identifying, classifying, prioritizing, and assessing threats to your security. Additionally, appropriate security controls or measures are established. A continuous and iterative process assesses possible security threats for potential damage, ensuring that the resources available can be used to protect your security.

Secure Development

In order to avoid possible weaknesses regarding security of the final product, we advise companies from the beginning on the entire development process. This way expensive security problems can be avoided in advance. We also provide advice and examine the security architecture and implemented security measures at an advanced stage of development.

Secure Products

The safe use of a product must be planned and documented precisely. We provide assistance with product planning and installation. We optimise the system to minimize the attack surface. When adapting to new threats, we advise you on planning and implementing of secure update functions in order to provide your products with the necessary security at a later date.

Secure Coding Trainings

We offer training in secure coding for entire software teams. Thus all developers are up to date with secure coding standards at the beginning of a new project. This avoids the typical vulnerabilities and increases code quality and consistent code structure.