Publikationen & Vorträge

Our emploees are scientificitally trained IT experts. Please find here a list of publications and talks regarding cyber security.
  • Towards Better Internet Citizenship: Reducing the Footprint of Internet-wide Scans by Topology Aware Prefix Selection.
    Johannes Klick, Stephan Lau, Matthias Waehlisch, and Volker Roth.
    In Proceedings of the 16th ACM SIGCOMM conference on Internet measurement conference. ACM, 2016
  • Towards Highly Interactive Honeypots for Industrial Control Systems.
    Stephan Lau, Johannes Klick, Stephan Arndt, and Volker Roth.
    In 23rd ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, 11/2016. ACM, 2016
  • PLC Guard: A practical defense against attacks on cyber-physical systems.
    Jan-Ole Malchow, Daniel Marzin, Johannes Klick, Robert Kovacs, and Volker Roth.
    In Proceedings of Communications and Network Security (CNS), 2015, pages 326–334. IEEE, 2015
  • Internet-facing PLCs as a network backdoor.
    Johannes Klick, Stephan Lau, Daniel Marzin, Jan-Ole Malchow, and Volker Roth.
    In Proceeding of Communications and Network Security Conference (CNS), 2015, pages 524–532. IEEE, 2015
  • Internet-facing PLCs – A New Back Orifice.
    Johannes Klick, Stephan Lau, Daniel Marzin, Jan-Ole Malchow, and Volker Roth.
    Blackhat USA, 2015
  • ZigBee Exploited – The good, the bad and the ugly.
    Tobias Zillner.
    Black Hat USA, 2015
  • Erreichbarkeit von digitalen Steuergeräten ein Lagebild.
    Jan-Ole Malchow and Johannes Klick.
    In Sicherheit in vernetzten Systemen: 21. DFN-Workshop. Paulsen, C, 2014

Furthermore we participate in the security community and give talks about current topics:

  • From Signal to Bits with SDR – Hands-on wireless reverse engineering.
    Tobias Zillner.
    ITSeCX Konferenz 2017.
  • ZigBee Smart Homes A Hacker’s Open House.
    Tobias Zillner.
    CRESTCon 2016 London, UK.
  • Let’s see whats out there – Mapping the wireless IoT.
    Tobias Zillner.
    Black Hat Asia 2016, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
  • Memory Forensics using VMI for Cloud Computing.
    Tobias Zillner.
    Black Hat USA 2016, Las Vegas, USA.
  • Let’s Hack IoT.
    Tobias Zillner.
    Information Security Summit 2016, Hongkong, China.
  • Hacking the wireless world – From building a FM Radio receiver to hacking wireless microphones.
    Tobias Zillner.
    ITSeCX Konferenz 2016.
  • IOT Village: Security of Wireless Home Automation System.
    Tobias Zillner.
    Defcon 23, Las Vegas, USA, 2015.
  • Verwundbarkeit Vernetzter Industriesteuerungen – ein Lagebild.
    Jan-Ole Malchow, Johannes Klick, and Volker Roth.
    IHK Technologieforum 2014 – Sicherheit in Unternehmen, Industrie und Handelskammer Berlin Brandenburg
  • Cyberwar: Angriffsvektor Industriesteuerungen.
    Johannes Klick.
    Summer School – Krieg im 21. Jahrhundert, Akademie der Bundeswehr für Information und Kommunikation, 2014.
  • Industrial Risk Assessment Map (IRAM) – Ein graphisches Werkzeug zur Bedrohungsanalyse.
    Johannes Klick and Jan-Ole Malchow.
    2. IT-Security Industrial & Automation Conference, 2013.
  • Find Them. Bind Them – Industrial Control Systems (ICS) on the Internet.
    Johannes Klick and Daniel Marzin.
    Positiv Hack Days III – on either side OF A FENCE, Moskau, Russia, 2013.