Offensive Security

Red Teaming

The Alpha Strike Red Team is a powerful attack team which can test the security of your business simultaneously on multiple levels.In addition to using OSINT and social engineering, the team also tries to overcome the physical protection systems in order to install hardware and software backdoors to gain access to sensitive data.

Open Source Intelligence

The Internet offers a variety of sources of information. With our OSINT service we provide you with publicly available information about your company, online performances and employees such as: internal documents, externally accessible intranet pages or passwords that could be of interest to attackers. In addition to social media platforms and search engines, the Deep-Web and Darknet are searched as well.

Social Engineering

We try to get your employees to share sensitive information using social engineering. Using targeted phishing, infected USB sticks or calls with wrong sender numbers, we will test your security policy and the safety awareness of your employees. The exact procedure will be coordinated with you in advance, taking into account local conditions. Depending on your wishes, the following communication channels can be used: e-mail, fax, telephone, mail or direct contact on site.

Security Trainings

We share our expertise and experience with you by offering trainings on a range of topics such as a detailed depiction on how to approach and procede in certain attack scenarios and which tools to use. Trainings are individually adapted with regard to the level of knowledge and customer preferences.