Industrial Security

OT Infrastructure Assessment

The OT Infrastructure Assessment combines IT security and security-related interviews with a technical security assessment of the network architecture and components such as controllers, engineering workstations or programming devices. Special emphasis is placed on the gateways between production IT and business IT. The individual context of the respective production process is an integral part of the OT Infrastructure Assessment.

SCADA/ICS/IoT Pentesting

A penetration test is conducted to identify possible vulnerabilities of complex networks or systems, e.g. railway vehicles, cardiac pacemakers or industrial control systems (ICS / PLCs). A penetration test can include analysis of the software versions used, encryption concepts, system configurations, physical protection measures up to the identification of possible attack vectors or scenarios. The goal of a penetration test is to identify possible vulnerabilities from an attacker’s point of view in order to resolve them.

Wireless Security Audit

The use of wireless technologies allows hackers to target a device from a distance with no need for actual physical contact. A wireless security audit systematically checks the wireless interface of a product. We use advanced Software Defined Radio (SDR) technologies to cover the broadest possible radio spectrum. Weak spots, such as relay or replay attacks are clearly and intelligibly assessed.The report also provides you with eligible countermeasures.

Embedded Systems Security

Embedded systems are subject to special requirements, including their safety. A comprehensive analysis of the intended use enables the development of individual attack scenarios. With the definition of a threat model, appropriate protection concepts can be created and security measures can be validated in the respective application-specific environment.